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Fierté Multi-Academy Trust

Our Family of Schools


We work in partnership with our whole school community to promote and support children and their families in ensuring regular school attendance and achievement. 

Why is attendance so important?

Good attendance is essential for pupils to get the most out of their school experience, including their progress and attainment, wellbeing, and wider life chances. The evidence shows that good attendance supports good outcomes for pupils: The pupils with the highest attainment at the end of key stage 2 and key stage 4 have higher rates of attendance over the key stage compared to those with the lowest attainment. (DfE Working together to improve school attendance - May 2022). 

The law entitles every child of compulsory school age to an efficient, full-time education suitable to their age, aptitude, and any special educational need they may have. It is the legal responsibility of every parent to make sure their child receives that education. Children must attend every day that the school is open, except in a small number of allowable circumstances, such as being too ill to attend.

How to help your child to have good attendance

  • Get your child into a good routine that includes going to bed on time and having a breakfast that will prepare them for the day.
  • Attend school events, like assemblies, parent library mornings, parent forest school sessions and parents’ evenings, to build the relationship between school and home (please see our Curriculum Enrichment below for further details about how you can get involved with parent events in school). 
  • Try not to be late for school - we know it’s not easy! However, being on time to school supports children's wellbeing and learning. If they are late, they miss out on important relationships building with peers during registration activities and phonics and reading learning at the start of the school day. 
  • Be as positive and enthusiastic about school as you can. Your child will pick up on it and it will have a positive impact on their attendance.