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29.11.18 Recycling Campaign


On the 29th November 2018,  the Year 2 students: Owls, Kestrels and Woodpeckers, were enrolled in a recycle campaign for the school. Their task was to create a recycling company that would be the most appealing to the public.

A session was held 3 times a week for the 3 classes, this session was ran by our IT assistant: Keiran Bradbury. In these sessions, there were approximately 7 students from each year 2 class, they were placed on computers and used programs to design a component, whether that be the company name, slogan or logo.

The company, TechAway were declared champions in this task and their work was taken and developed to a much more professional standard. Marketing techniques were also put in place, such as flyers were developed, a banner was developed and a website was developed. The logo that you see on this page and attached in the article is a remake of what the students designed all by themselves!

Under the text within this article there are 2 attachments, a flyer and a banner. The flyers will be sent home with students for them to then show to their carers. The banner will be placed on the fence at the entrance to the school grounds for all to see.

If you would like to visit TechAway's website then please follow the below link:

Alternatively, if this does not work, please visit:

Congratulations to Kestrels from the 2018 Year 2 class and well done to the Woodpeckers and Owls as these did a great job and it was a very close call after the groups had drafted their ideas.

For anyone wondering, this is a real thing and we would really like for you to recycle with us. If you could bring in old technology that you no longer want (We cannot accept mobile phones), that would be greatly appreciated. Please take a look at the 'TechAway flyer' attachment at the bottom of this website for more information.