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Recycling Campaign Winners - 29/11/18

On the morning of the 29th November 2018, we celebrated the winners of our recycling campaign that we held among the year 2 students!

On approximately the 18th September 2018, our IT Assistant; Keiran Bradbury, set up a club for our Year 2 students to help with our recycling campaign project. Our computers have just been upgraded so we needed to get rid of our old ones and we were going to recycle them anyway, so we thought we would make the most out of it and teach the students how important it is to recycle!

This campaign idea was put forward by Tablet Academy, our IT partner. Tablet Academy would also be the judges for this competition so it is a totally unbiased choice.

The task for the students was to create a name, logo and slogan for their new technology recycling organisation. The name needed to be effective and relatable, the slogan needed to be short but catchy and finally the logo needed to be colourful and relatable aswell.

Around 5 - 6 students were picked from each Year 2 class and they then would all meet in the IT room at lunch time for approximately 20 minutes. Everyone attending had fantastic teamwork skills, some of a group were drawing up ideas for a logo, while others were on the computer looking at different colours, coming up with slogan ideas and more!

In no particular order, here are the names that each class decided for their organisation:

Owls - Techcycle

Kestrels - TechAway

Woodpeckers - ReTech

After 2 weeks with 2 lunchtimes sessions a week, the campaign had finished and the work that the students have done had been submitted. Getting a reply back took some time but the students were very persistent on finding out who the winners for the campaign were. We finally got a reply on the 8th November 2018 and we were aware of who the winners are.

It was arranged that a man, from Tablet Academy, named Malcolm Davies was to come and make their ideas professional on the 29th November 2018. When he came we set up immediately and I ran out to get the winners from their class.

Malcolm Davies did a great job with the students and got some draft work that he could take home and work on professionally. When we get this piece of work back, it will be posted on the website so that you won't miss it!

And finally, the winners of the recycling campaign were:

Kestrels with TechAway!

Congratulations for TechAway with your win but well done to the other 2 groups aswell for trying their best.

When I receive the professional work back from Tablet Academy I will post that right here in this article so stay tuned!


There is a load of pictures of the event available on the website in the Gallery area for you to enjoy!